ReadyRN Course Launch

ReadyRN Course Launch

Making Every Nurse a Prepared Nurse

The ReadyRN Curriculum for Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness is one of two tools in the ReadyRN product suite. It is designed to train 21st century nurses in all aspects of disaster nursing and emergency preparedness. Based on national standards such as the National Response Plan (NRP) and the National Incidence Management System (NIMS), the ReadyRN Curriculum will prepare any nurse to provide effective care under disaster conditions, including natural and environmental disasters, mass casualty events, public health emergencies and disasters caused by CBRNE events (chemical warfare, bioterrorism, radiological releases, nuclear events, and explosions).

The ReadyRN Curriculum provides nurses with vital information on:

  • Disaster planning and response
  • Post-disaster restoration of basic public health
  • Patient and staff safety during disasters and public health emergencies
  • Media and interagency communications
  • Treatment of physiological and psychological effects

The curriculum also offers essential information for nurses in clinical practice by defining the practice parameters that are unique to disaster nursing and public health emergency response. It reinforces the fundamentals of nursing practice but at the same time discusses the expanded and challenging features of nursing practice in a disaster as it relates to the following topics:

  • Disaster planning
  • Triage
  • Decontamination
  • Emergency operations management
  • Allocation of scarce resources
  • Nationally recognized competency-based learning objectives
  • Created for use by Nurse Educators and Staff Development Specialists in any type of health care organization, the ReadyRN curriculum’s versatile learning approach and thorough and in-depth format helps you provide your nurses with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to be prepared to handle all stages of disaster response.

The ReadyRN Curriculum integrates competency-based learning objectives recommended by the Center for Health Policy at the Columbia University School of Nursing. The competencies were developed by the Center in collaboration with the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine, under a CDC-funded grant.

In each of its modules, the ReadyRN Curriculum contains suggested metrics for evaluation as well as tabletop drills and simulations to determine if your nurses:

  • Know what they need to know about disaster nursing
  • Will remember this information
  • Will be able to perform during a crisis situation
  • Bonus! Personal / Family Disaster Plan Guide
  • As an added bonus, included with the ReadyRN Curriculum is a guide for designing a personal and/or family disaster plan.

No need to worry your nurses will forget what they’ve learned

A key component to sustainable disaster preparedness training for your nursing workforce is the companion to the ReadyRN Curriculum, the ReadyRN Handbook for Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness. This handy, purse-sized resource gives your nurses quick access to critical information regarding clinical and administrative response to all types of disasters and public health emergencies.

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