TenER Consulting Group, LLC., produces innovative disaster and emergency response educational technology and training programs for government, academia, and industry. We provide guidance, technological expertise, and an array of consulting services including strategic planning and workforce development in disaster preparedness & response, Homeland Security/CBRNE events, emergency medical services, general health care services and emerging medical industries.

Our Consulting Code of Ethics


The TenER Consulting Group, LLC. will offer and perform services in the field of disaster planning and emergency management in an honest and forthright manner. We will disclose to clients all information material to their professional relationships. We will disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest to clients before services rendered.


The TenER Consulting Group, LLC. will exercise reasonable and prudent professional judgment in the best interests of the client. We will provide objective and unbiased assessments to our clients at all times.


The TenER Consulting Group, LLC. will perform consulting services in an efficient and reasonable manner as recognized by the field of business management. We will stay abreast of current developements in our field and seek to improve our competence in all areas of service in which engaged. The TenER Consulting Group, LLC. provides services and advice only in those areas in which they have expertise.


All transactions between the TenER Consulting Group, LLC. and the clients shall be fair and reasonable to both parties. We will perform our services in the best interest of their clients and consistent with responsibilities to the public. We will treat the property of their clients with full fiduciary care and responsibility.


The TenER Consulting Group, LLC. will not disclose, unless required by law, any confidence obtainted in the course of a professional client relationship without the consent of the client.


The TenER Consulting Group, LLC. will act in a professional manner which will reflect positively upon its clients at all times.