Adam Rains, VP Healthcare Information Systems

Vice President, Healthcare Information Systems

Since 2008, Adam B Rains has served as Vice President for Healthcare Information Systems at the Tener Consulting Group LLC providing technical and analytic consultation, evaluation, forecasting, and project oversight. A health systems analyst and epidemiologist with over a decade’s experience developing and managing information systems for research, education, government, and industry; Adam brings an outcomes-oriented, pragmatic approach to the assessment and design of disaster preparedness and emergency management systems.

Adam’s recent work has included the creation of systems for disaster lifecycle continuity, pharmaceutical supply chain management, patient data tracking, financial means estimation, and insurance rate benchmarking. As the founder and lead analyst of Rains Analytics – an affiliated informatics and research services group – Adam has served as consultant to the Upstate Health Research Network (UHRN) for FAIR Health, Axios International, Applied Strategies, and the University of Rochester’s Department of Emergency Medicine.

Adam received his MSc in Epidemiology from McGill University and holds a BA in Biology from New College of Florida. His research interests relate to the interaction of technology, culture, and environment in the mediation of health; and includes work on the environmental regulation of infectious disease, global and community health assessment, emergency preparedness, and technological approaches to improving surveillance, decision-making, education, and access to care.